Thoughts on switching to iPhone

iphone4SI’ve been wanting to switch to a more recent smartphone for a while now.
The big contenders were the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II.
After a lot of comparing and considering the not so shallow price, I can now call an iPhone my own.

My previous phone was a Samsung Preston (S5600), it is almost 3 years old and it dated from before the Android/iOS era.
Don’t get me wrong, this was a trusty companion, but it started to show its age. Especially with social media in mind.

My first iPhone impressions

First on my mind seeing and handling the phone was OMG it’s beautiful, but heavy! The Samsung only comes in at 96 grams vs. the iPhone’s whopping 143 grams. So quite a difference. The glassy surface and metal on the sides do make it feel more sturdy and robust. This robust feeling is continued when you try to open the micro-SIM slot. No fiddling, just a firm push and the tray pops out!
Turning the phone on, it takes about the same time to boot the OS, but once you see the icons, the difference in resolution is amazing!
On to the migration.

The move

Moving from one phone to another is always tricky. In comparison to changing the OS on a computer, phones aren’t as open to access all your data.
First things first, the phone’s contacts.
Most of them were on the SIM, so after getting a new micro-SIM and copying the old’s data over and putting it in the iPhone, about 90% of the contacts were safe. One thing I’m still looking for but don’t know if it actually exists, the iPhone has no option to store contacts on your SIM. The few contacts that were missing, I entered in manually. (This is also a great time to do some cleaning).
Next up were the photos and videos. Since the iPhone has no slot for a micro-SD, I turned to Bluetooth.
Now this I don’t get, any respectful phone has Bluetooth nowadays, including the iPhone. But you can’t do phone to phone copies (unless it’s from iOS to iOS)?!! What’s the deal with that. File transfers is one of the Bluetooth stack’s standards, but not supported. Neither are there apps for it.
Only thing I could find how, was to transfer them using Bluetooth to my PC, then upload them to the iPhone using iCloud. In the end, it worked, but direct transfer would make more sense.

Filling up storage

Now that my data is on the iPhone, I can start with apps, music and games. The typical ones like Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Shazam and Wikipedia are a given… now on to finding some more goodies.


The iPhone only comes with it’s headset, a USB cable and well that’s it. On the way is an HD screen protector and a case to protect the back. Suggestions for any other must-have accessories are welcome.