My top 10 free iPad apps

For my 30th birthday I got the new iPad (aka an iPad, why they just didn’t call it the iPad 3, I don’t know).

After a few days playing with it and already owning an iPhone, these are my top 10 iPad apps: (note that this list is for iPad, they are also available for iPhone and most of them for Android.)

  1. Facebook. The one from Facebook is pretty good. I only miss a share button to share stories.
  2. Twitter. I haven’t found a free alternative yet, so for now the one from Twitter itself should do.
  3. Pulse. A great free news reader. You can also include your Twitter and Facebook feed, although I don’t find the way they display it very intuitive. You can also add your Google Reader feeds, but there is a Mark all as read button missing to make is usable for that.
  4. FeeddlerRSS. This is an awesome RSS reader to use with your Google Reader. There is a free and paying version.
  5. Pinterest. Greatly optimised for iPad.
  6. Gmail. The Mail app from Apple works ok, but the Gmail app from Google just works better.
  7. Dropbox. About the only way of sharing files between different non-Apple devices.
  8. WordPress. When you have a WordPress blog or site and want to keep track of your comments or post a new blogpost on the go, this is a must-have.
  9. Jasmine. Since Apple removed the never-updated Youtube app in iOS 6, this is a great alternative. You can download the Youtube app standalone now, but it’s not iPad optimised.
  10. Analytics. To keep up with your Google analytics, this is a great app. Both free and Pro versions available.

There are quite a few more apps I use, but these a the favourites.
I’m still looking for a few good free or almost free games…