I Am Alive

Just finished I Am Alive and have some mixed feelings about it.

First of all it’s a small game. It has 21 episodes and I played it through in a little over 8 hours in survivor mode (hardest of the 2 modes). Luckily it was only €15 on PSN so it’s actually good value for money.


OK, so something happened to the world. The details are a bit fuzzy, but the cities are destroyed and a big “fog” is hanging in the streets.
You’re a man, Adam, looking for your wife and little daughter who were alone in the city when “the event” happened. While you were on the east-coast, you got injured and it took you a year to recover and walk to towards your beloved ones.
Once there, you have to find your way through the urban jungle. You now and then encounter survivors, both friendly and not so friendly.


Basically the game is a 3D platform game like Tombraider, however it has a slower pace to it.
The difficulty consists of a very limited amount of resources available, usually only 1 or 2 bullets which are only just enough to get by.
The genius in it is that you only have a set amount of stamina. It will completely and quickly refill when you’re resting, but while climbing or running it slowly burns away.
Also like most platform games, you don’t have a save option. The game automatically saves between episodes. In between you can have some retries when you die, but the amount of retries is very limited as well, depending on the number of victims you help and retries you find.


All in all it was a good game. The ending however, not to spoil it, was a bit disappointing.
Also I didn’t find every survivor (15 out of 20) in the game which makes me wonder what parts I also missed.
The whole scarce resources, limited stamina, 1 shot to kill someone and only human opponents, make the game very realistic.
Maybe a bit short but definitely recommended!