On the iPad

Leading up to the announcement of the iPad, I was looking very much forward to a new device from Apple. It would no doubt be revolutionary, breathtakingly beautiful, very usable and loaded with the latest tech and goodies.

Once I saw the keynote, I was disappointed. Apple had let me down. They had the potential to make a great product, but instead they made a tables that doesn’t support multitasking (which is a step back of about 15 years), no USB or other external storage capability, locked in applications only served by Apple’s approved AppStore, …

Now almost 2 weeks after the announcement and reading other people’s thoughts too, I’ve come to a conclusion. I was looking at the iPad from my perspective, with my wishes for a tables in mind. With that view, the iPad has failed. However this is not its target audience. The iPad is more for the casual computer user that uses it for e-mail, surfing, facebook, …
For those the iPad is perfect! Now I only hope they make a similar device (the form factor that is) for power users/developers as well.

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