Limitations of Windows CE emulator

Yesterday, I came accross a bizarre error. When executing my Smart device application on the Windows CE emulator, I got a “NotSupportedException”. What was even stranger, was that I got this in the InitializeComponents method, which is generated by Visual Studio.

After quite a bit of searching and debugging, the problem didn’t seem to be the code, but the amount of code. For some reason, when the InitializeComponents method contains more than 937 lines of code, it crashes in the emulator. It doesn’t matter what lines are left out or put in, as long as it is less than that strange number of 937 lines :S

6 thoughts on “Limitations of Windows CE emulator”

  1. That’s the thing, when you like to be able to position items on your forms visually (which isn’t really needed, but handy) everything VS2003 generates needs to be in there.

  2. I’ve hit the same thing but only on the WWE PPC 2003 SE VGA emulator. I wasn’t able to repro the exception on a VGA Dell x50v.

  3. The actual hardware doesn’t seem to have the problem. Only the emulator. So it isn’t fatal, it’s just a b*tch debugging 😀

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