iPod Mini

This topic was sitting in my drafts way too long. And now after way too much nagging (yes you know who you are 😉 ), here is my review of my iPod Mini.

First of all. Before talking about the functionality and the looks, take a look at how this thing comes shipped. I mean. The box is cute. The way it is designed to open, … I mean, there has gone time into that. You gotta appreciate that. Same goes for the accesoires.

This mini dock for example…

iPod Mini dock boxed

When finally unpacked… You got to admire it’s beauty, its simplicity. No overload of UI, no stripes, graphics, just plain and simple, an aluminium casing, 1 round button and a screen…
iPod Mini

iPod Mini dockAlso some great design in the dock.

iPod Mini dockedMini and dock combined, perfect match.

OK, that were the looks, now how good does it work?
Well, it works wonderfull. When you work with it, you start noticing that there has gone some serieous thinking into the navigation. The touch-wheel alone… I mean, no sliders or buttons to press, just touch the wheel and moove to where you want, up, down in the menu, volume up, volume down, fast forward, reverse,… all with the same button.

Also a nice thing, you can select music, not only by author, album or artist, but also genre. This I like real much. You have a few CDs on that thing but you don’t always want to listen to this CD or that CD, maybe you want some Techno or if you’re a little stressy some Jazz.

Now, the minor points. Yes you read it correctly, the iPod mini has some minor points too:

  1. The alu-casing, great, but it scratches like real easy. You can’t put it on a hard surface or you have scratches.
  2. The battery, 8 hrs it says on the site. No way! It only goes for about 6. When you have working days of 8 hrs, you’re sitting there 2 hours without music 😉
  3. The default earplugs? Not good. The quality of the bass, is poor. Not that the music becomes real bad or so, but you need to think about replacing them.
  4. Finally, when it is connected to the USB, you can’t play with it. Well you can, through the PC, but charging and listening to it, not possible (or I don’t know how). My advice, buy a dock. It looks great, and it becomes possible to listen and charge. You can even couple it to your stereo.

So overall, great product. Maybe a little expensive (if you compare with other products offering even more space for the same price), but you’re also paying for the name and the design.