Another week of .NET using

After a week more of working with ASP.NET, I must say, I’m a little less exited about it, especially when writing HTML.

There is a mix of uppercase and lowercase, attributed don’t get quotes by default, my list which looked like this (I know it is very basic):
<li>Item 1< /li>
<li>Item 2< /li>
<li>Item 3< /li>

was nicely reduced to:
<LI>Item 1
<LI>Item 2
<LI>Item 3</LI>

The only thing I did was save the file, close it and reopen it.

Another thing are the build-in components, like a radiogroup (group of radiobuttons), they are all put into tables, so forget your tableless design.

My feeling about it at the moment, very powerfull in backend, but when you start to display anything, you better don’t care about the HTML code.